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The CORDEX regional climate model (RCM) simulations for the European domain (EURO-CORDEX) are conducted at two different spatial resolutions, the general CORDEX resolution of 0.44 degree (EUR-44, ~50 km) and additionally the finer resolution of 0.11 degree (EUR-11, ~12.5km).

As of October 1, 2013, EUR-44 simulations are being published and distributed via the Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) under the project name “CORDEX”.

This Regulation should not apply to any action or ancillary proceedings relating to, in particular, the establishment of an arbitral tribunal, the powers of arbitrators, the conduct of an arbitration procedure or any other aspects of such a procedure, nor to any action or judgment concerning the annulment, review, appeal, recognition or enforcement of an arbitral award.

There must be a connection between proceedings to which this Regulation applies and the territory of the Member States.

The Union has set itself the objective of maintaining and developing an area of freedom, security and justice, inter alia, by facilitating access to justice, in particular through the principle of mutual recognition of judicial and extra-judicial decisions in civil matters.

For the gradual establishment of such an area, the Union is to adopt measures relating to judicial cooperation in civil matters having cross-border implications, particularly when necessary for the proper functioning of the internal market.

Since a number of amendments are to be made to that Regulation it should, in the interests of clarity, be recast.

At its meeting in Brussels on 10 and 11 December 2009, the European Council adopted a new multiannual programme entitled ‘The Stockholm Programme – an open and secure Europe serving and protecting citizens’ ().

The report concluded that, in general, the operation of that Regulation is satisfactory, but that it is desirable to improve the application of certain of its provisions, to further facilitate the free circulation of judgments and to further enhance access to justice.This subset is however qualitatively different from the full EUR-11 ensemble, since it consists of simulations exclusively conducted with one single RCM, but forced by different global climate models and emission pathways (rcp26, rcp45, rcp85).Please be aware that the analysis of simulations from one single RCM does not give a comprehensive future climate projection and we strongly advise that it is complemented by other EUR-11 ensemble members later.Certain differences between national rules governing jurisdiction and recognition of judgments hamper the sound operation of the internal market.Provisions to unify the rules of conflict of jurisdiction in civil and commercial matters, and to ensure rapid and simple recognition and enforcement of judgments given in a Member State, are essential.

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