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For instance, France essentially abolished serfdom in 1318 at about the same time as it faded across most of Western Europe, but the institution continued in Russia until Czar Alexander I freed the serfs, more than 23,000,000 of them, in 1861 - over 500 years later!These bleak economic and political conditions and the often unforgiving climate led to the development of a culture that was at it's core more pessimistic and more patriarchal than in Western Europe.By comparison, in the United Kingdom the average GDP was estimated at ,400, at ,300 in Australia, at ,200 in Canada, and at ,000 in the United State.So, the numbers are pretty clear, but they tell only part of the story because the distribution of wealth is so uneven in most of the old Soviet Bloc that even those numbers are too rosy and poverty, in many areas grinding poverty, is a way of life for most people.Worse, for many women is that alcohol use also corresponds with an increased incidence of domestic violence and a dramatic rise in the numbers of single mothers.Perhaps, even worse than all of these problems for the most beautiful, talented, and educated young women, has been the rise in a machismo culture that treats women first, last, and only as sex objects.Discover why so many have met that special someone on Mi Gente Amor, create a free dating profile today!

The twentieth century was an incredibly traumatic period for Eastern Europe.

Beginning in 1914 with the First World War and the Bolshevik Revolution through forced collectivization, Stalin's terror, and the Second World War there was over thirty years of continual upheaval that ripped apart the existing social fabric, killing tens of millions of people, and leaving enormous psychological scars on the survivors.

Then beginning in 1945 the USSR spent the next forty-six years slowly sinking into a cesspool of corruption and cynicism that eventually led to the economic and political collapse of the Soviet Union and most of its communist allies. Women also suffered during the wars and revolutions, but for many women the period also presented previously unimaginable educational opportunities, professional advancement, political influence, and personal accomplishment.

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