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A million fish in the sea dating site

It was the second company in Canada to be punished by the CRTC under the enforcement of this legislation.

Markus Frind, founder and CEO of Plenty Of Fish, the world's largest Internet dating site which is based in Vancouver.

Plenty More Fish is not affiliated with the Plenty of Fish dating site.

As Plentyof Fish’s reach grows, the company has discovered distinct cultural approaches to courtship.“People in the United Kingdom will wear turtlenecks in the photos they send,” he says. They initiate as much as men.”VANCOUVERITES LOVE ONLINEThe company also sees ­differences in its own backyard.

— JENELLE SCHNEIDER/PNGMarkus Frind is far too lean and thoughtful to be mistaken for a mischievous cherub, but he knows more than Cupid ever will about love potions.

In his vast love machine in downtown Vancouver, the man who brings romance to millions around the world is braced for the most passionate time of the year.

Its amorous constituency has grown well beyond ­Canada.

From its Vancouver headquarters, the company provides dating services in five ­languages.

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