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A similar pattern was found in their statements about mate preferences: statement about physical characteristics, financial status and morality more frequently appeared in Chinese personal ads, and statements about personality and hobbies more frequently occurred in American personal ads. Particularly, Chinese women were more likely to write about their own personalities, moralities, and physical characteristics than Chinese men.

mate selection, online dating, self-presentation, cross-cultural analysis Personal advertisements are inseparable components of many print media (Vičková, 1996).

For example, Zanna and Pack (1975) found that, when led to believe that a desirable man preferred traditional women, female participants manipulated their self-presentation to appear more stereotypically feminine than they had previously described themselves.

Evidence has also shown that the description of one’s personal characteristics does influence others’ perception of him or her.

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Visit for more related articles at Global Media Journal This cross-cultural study explored the role of culture and gender in mate selection.

Another important component of personal ads is qualities that the advertiser is looking for in others.

As Sev’er (1990) stresses, personal ads contain sufficient information that reflects trend of mate choice, and thus they deserve systematic studies.You're in control - block or report unsavoury members.Keep in touch on your mobile phone, wherever you are.Impression management is normally viewed as one person trying to influence positively others’ perceptions (Rao, Schmidt, & Murray, 1995).Individuals may purposely manage their impressions based on the expected preference of the message receiver.

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