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Whether you’re looking to send some silly or sexy adult/naughty Christmas e Cards online this year, Doozy Cards has got your wish list covered.Naughty or nice, let your loved one know just how special they are to you, by delivering a saucy surprise for Christmas.Getting your holiday desserts never looked so sweet.Unwrapping presents on Christmas is always exciting, but just imagine if your holiday sweetheart is the present to be unwrapped.

Sending someone a fruitcake for Christmas might seem oh, so wrong, but Sexy Fruitcakes makes it seem oh, so right.

Stoke the flames of the holiday hearth with Gingerbread Strip, one of our saucy and silly Christmas e Cards with an adult/naughty surprise.

The weather outside may be frightful, but getting steamy with your special someone on Christmas can be quite delightful.

Or maybe you heard that Santa has been naughty this year. Claus has a special present for the jolly guy in Sexy Christmas for Him.

No wonder Santa and his reindeer fly that sleigh through the night so quickly!

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If you always think of Santa as a jolly old guy with a big belly, then Sexy Christmas for Her will have you rethink that image.