Android saxparserfactory setvalidating

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Android saxparserfactory setvalidating

, if its structure meets the XML specification, i.e., it is syntactically correct.A well-formed XML document exhibits a tree-like structure, and can be processed by an XML processor.DOM is a platform- and language-independent interface for processing XML documents. The DOM parser loads the XML document, builds an object model in the memory, in the form of a tree comprised of nodes. The DOM API defines the mechanism for querying, traversing and manipulating the object model built. The DOM API defines the mechanism for querying, traversing the tree; and adding, modifying and deleting the elements and nodes. It is a formal description of the structure of an XML document, i.e., which elements are allowed, which elements must be present, which elements are optional, the sequence and relationship of the elements.Document Type Definition (DTD) is used to define the structure of an XML document.The HTML's original objective of letting the document author to focus on the contents of the document and leave the actual appearance of the document to the browser, has gone out of control.

DTD defines the structure of a certain type of XML documents, which could facilitate exchanging of documents between computer systems electronically.

Style sheets can be used to provide styling information for displaying XML documents.

Different style sheets can be applied to the same XML document for display on different platform or devices (desktop browser, PDA, mobile phone).

W3C has developed two style sheet standards, that can be used with XML documents: XSL Transformation (XSLT) is a text-based transformation process that merges a textual XML source document with a XSL style sheet to procedure a target document. The root element The matching criteria is specified using XPath (XML Path Language).

XPath specification defines how a specific item within an XML document can be located.

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It is a subset of Standard General Markup Language (SGML). It is developed and maintained by World-Wide Web Consortium (W3C) @

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