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T he pages outline plans for a temperature-regulated plate inside a chamber that heats up a substance to form a vapor Apple's latest patent steps away from wearables and smartphones, and into a new market - vaporizers. 26 that outlines plans for a temperature-regulated plate inside a chamber that heats up a substance to form a vapor.The e-cigarette is described in the patent having a cylindrical shape, thermal jacket and a body unit as well as a lid.Sullivan, Samsung’s lawyer and a former Stanford Law School dean, told the justices. has drawn wide attention because it poses a far-reaching, big-money question involving patents, innovation and technology.People buy smartphones because they contain thousands of technological advances, not because of the look of the screen, she said. Typically, patent disputes turn on whether an invention has proved useful and improved the functioning of a product.The global vape market is expected to be worth .11 billion by 2021 and a new patent suggests Apple wants a piece of the action.It proposes that the Cupertino company may be working on its own vaporizer that uses high temperatures to ‘cause the substance to sublimate or vaporize’.Some justices questioned whether the award was properly calculated.

Supreme Court justices on Tuesday appeared to lean in favor of knocking down a 0-million verdict against Samsung for designing smartphones to look like Apple’s i Phone.

Last week, a federal appeals court in Washington upheld a separate 0-million verdict against Samsung for infringing other parts of Apple’s i Phone patents.

Apple's been coasting on the success of the i Phone for years, but as we've previously written, the company desperately needs to put out a new and truly innovative product soon if it plans to keep up with the competition.

Samsung’s attorneys said the “total profits” rule would mean that an automaker could sue a rival and take all the profits from a line of new cars by showing the rival’s car infringed on the design of a patented cup holder. Kennedy cited the example of a Volkswagen Beetle, whose unique look made it a worldwide success.

But he said it was not clear how a jury could decide what percentage of profits should be taken from a rival firm whose cars looked like the Beetle.

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