Aren xsex

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Aren xsex

Put down your phone, walk into your bedroom (you can even grab your husband if you feel comfortable), sit on your bed and pray. Pray that if there is physical pain that it would cease. And ladies, boldly come before God and pray for awesome sex with your husband.

Pray for being confident in who God made you to be on this very day. God created physical intimacy to be a good thing in our marriages.

And I don’t know where you and your spouse are at, but it’s frustrating that there just doesn’t seem to be a “quick fix” to many of these problems. Like maybe TMI real, so if that’s not your cup of tea, then this post may not be for you. A few months after having our second child, we were still trying to get back into the groove of things.

But if you’re at a point in your sex life with your husband and you’re searching for something more…. Sex wasn’t physically uncomfortable anymore, but I was emotionally drained and discouraged.

After weeks of him asking if something was wrong, it all came out and I told him that I didn’t want him to see my body. He held me close and prayed that I would know and feel my beauty. And I can honestly say that after months of prayer and some hard conversations with my husband, the intimate part of our marriage was restored and we were (are) both more confident; in ourselves each other.

As 5 postpartum chins emerged below my face, I blubbered and sobbed as I told him where my insecure heart was and how I just wanted to feel like myself again; how I wanted to feel like . You see ladies, when we are fighting in this war for intimacy in our marriages, we aren’t bringing the biggest piece of weaponry to the table: we aren’t praying about our sex lives.

When NOW put out a call for Toronto Millennials interested in talking about their sex life – or lack thereof – we got dozens of responses. The hospitality worker devotes most of her waking hours to one of three jobs: working at a hotel, hosting events and running her budding photography business.

In a desperate attempt to be intimate while our oldest was napping, we tried to put our baby into her pack-n-play that resided in our room and roll it out into the living room of our small two bedroom apartment.

She was crying (she did this constantly for the first 4 months of her life), but we knew that we had to try and have some time to be alone; to take just a little bit of time for us, no matter how short and rushed it was.

I watched my family swap land lines for cellphones and then smartphones. Noah Patterson, an 18-year-old web designer from Washington, said he was too busy working multiple jobs to go on a date, let alone have sex.

I don’t own a car, don’t have kids and don’t ever expect to be able to afford a house. How is it that a generation presumed to be sex-crazed and promiscuous because of the availability of porn, online dating and hookup culture isn’t actually that interested in doing the deed? Sam Wei, a 26-year-old financial analyst from Chicago, told the Washington Post she wasn’t having sex because it muddies relationships.

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Sometimes there’s sexting involved, but it’s all done conveniently from the comfort of Sarah’s own home.