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See who will get to the end of the path first and share a laugh A picnic lunch may seem like a cliche date, but there’s a good reason for that it works!

You’ll get to enjoy your dates company, while also enjoying the coming of spring.

Imagine the spring air passing through your hair as you ride along the path without a care in the world.

This date is harder when it comes to communicating.

Or the particularly ignorant brand of sexual objectification that so often results.

Earlier this year, Chinese-American filmmaker Debbie Lum drew attention to the issue with the release of her documentary Seeking Asian Female, which follows the complicated relationship of 60-year-old Asiaphile Steven and his 30-year-old Chinese mail-order bride, Sandy.

I just got back into the dating scene and am already being bombarded with some absolutely horrifying messages." You can read through the posts for yourself, but in the interests of collective despair, here is a particularly golden nugget from a prospective suitor: "Your profile pretty much sums up why I exclusively date Asian women ....

The modern American white woman has no idea how to treat a man, has no concept of a man's need to be the dominant one in the relationship, and constantly goes about trying to assert her 'independence' by mistreating men and making them feel useless." Lum's documentary and Creepy White Guys are American-based, but the key assumptions that make up yellow fever are alive and well the Western world over: Asian women are submissive and easier to please.

There’s no better way to celebrate the arrival of spring than walking around outside.So this is your best chance to get yourself a date!To book, please visit the events page now HERE First come first served and the prices go up nearer the time you’ll need to be fast. We are delighted to announce that our new Asian Single Solution Dating App is now available.It’s not expensive, and most of them hook up to computers, allowing you to watch your favourite Netflix shows while outside in the garden. PNo matter where you live in the world, you’re bound to have a local festival celebrating the arrival of spring. Walk around one of these festivals with your date and join in the celebrations.You’ll likely get to try new food and participate in dance rituals.

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Just pack up a few sandwiches and head to a local park. This isn’t an easy date to pull off, but it’s certainly rewarding if you can.

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