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Body language dating hugging

When couples make love, fight, hug, even eat, their bodies speak volumes about the state of their relationship.

Learn to interpret his silent signals — and send a tender message with yours.

On the downside, however, he could be telling the world that you are not a couple. Do you have any tips for how to look attractive while on a dinner date? Have manners, make sure you place a napkin on your lap and keep one in your hands.

A tall very thin, rather flat chested girl can wear a mini skirt with legs that never end and still look childlike. On a first date for drinks, is it better to sit at the bar or get a table?

Put that same miniskirt on a girl with large breasts and the look changes completely. Sitting at the bar allows you to see his entire body so you can tell what his upper and his lower half is telling you -- for example, is he jazzing his legs or pointing slightly away from you?

Here, what your body language in some everyday situations might say about your marriage, and how to be sure you're sending your man loving silent messages.

Situation 1: The Hello Kiss Good signs "Soft lips that linger just an extra second clearly say, 'I'm happy to see you and I wish we could do more of this,'" says Susan Quilliam, author of Warning signals "Kissing with hard, closed lips communicates tension and avoidance of intimacy," says Quilliam.

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