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[Read: How to let go of someone you love by hating them] And that’s another cowardly way to break up.

Now both these ways of breaking up are foolproof and you can definitely use it too.

Unfortunately, we can’t escape these feelings in life, at […] Read more Sometimes life feels like a boating excursion on a sunny afternoon—smooth sailing, peaceful, and enjoyable.

"Because if someone is breaking up with you, the first question you always ask is, 'Why? '" If you've started to like someone else, that's OK. Once you know why you want to end the relationship, "Be honest with yourself.It’s confusing and tricky and you never really know what to say or how your soon-to-be-ex is going to react.There’s one thing you need to understand before you break up with someone you love, and that’s never to end a relationship like a coward.Or if you just don't feel the same way you used to, that's fine, too. And then be honest when you talk with them -- privately, face-to-face," Fox says.Ending a relationship is painful, especially so when you’re still in love with them.

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Picking the Right Time & Place Doing the Right Thing Avoiding Insensitivity Keeping Things Civil Additional Help Community Q&A We all know breaking up is hard to do.