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What Brill conceived seemed almost too easy: Buy a few remote-control airplanes, attach cameras to their bellies, and fly them over the Suez to photograph Egyptian military positions.

Brill knew he would need partners to implement his idea.

Arnan walked the photo down the hall to alert Aman’s top brass.

Brill stood there thinking how crazy it was that one single photo held the key to Israel’s survival.“We need to launch such an operation to get a single photo of what is happening just over the canal? He could grasp the significance of the intelligence, but something felt wrong.

But because of Egyptian surface-to-air missiles, the aircraft had to fly at high altitudes, rendering the pictures of little or no value.

he agent is back,” the analyst said as he popped his head into Shabtai Brill’s office. Brill, a major in the IDF Military Intelligence Directorate—known by its Hebrew acronym, Aman—set aside the report he was reading and got up.

So he went to air-force headquarters, snooped around, and discovered Shlomo Barak, an officer who spent his weekends flying remote-control airplanes.

He was one of a handful of people in Israel at the time who had the necessary experience for what Brill had in mind. Later that week, they met at a small airstrip outside Tel Aviv for a flight demonstration.

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On a hot summer day, Arnan and Brill drove down to the IDF’s anti-aircraft training base in the Negev Desert, restricted one of the roads so it could serve as a runway, and even gave the anti-aircraft gunners a heads-up as to the direction from which the planes would be flying.