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Posted by / 30-Jun-2016 21:37

The European Consumer Centre received 34 complaints about renewal practices on online dating websites last year and 20 per cent of those were made in January and February.

“Users should follow the instructions very carefully if they want to cancel,” Ms Neville said.

It has noted that complaints about online dating sites are highest in the first two months of the year and tend to spike around St Valentine’s Day.

“This is more Halloween than Valentine’s,” said its director, Ann Neville.

I don’t feel like I can trust anyone anymore and I find it hard to meet any potential new partner.” Gary Miles, detective chief inspector at the Metropolitan Police – Op Falcon, says: ““The people who perpetrate this type of offence are ruthless, organised, committed and without conscience to the pain, embarrassment and financial loss they cause to their victims.” As well as online dating scams, there are also instances of people being targeted via personal ads.

But while dating scams in their various different guises may be rife, the Financial Service (FOS) receives very few complaints.

We’ve spoken to people who’ve lost everything,” he adds.

The law changed last June so people now have a 14-day cooling-off period after signing up to a dating website.

You can cancel the contract without having to specify a reason, so there’s no need to trot out the old line: “It’s not you, it’s me”.

While a sea of red and pink paper Valentines still keeps card shops in business, online dating has become the modern go-to option for many of those looking for love.

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