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Chelsea handler and chuy dating

I mean, I'm still confident for day-to-day sun-on-your-face activities. I do not like to get naked around people I'm not getting with though--when I'm not hard, it's pretty small, but it definitely grows.I can look people in the eye and talk to them, approach strangers, etc. My current BF is sweet as he can be and our sex is hot, but I admit I wish his cock was bigger. Flaccid, he is bigger than me but his doesn't get much longer when hard.I used to have fun with this other guy, beautiful body, well over 6ft tall of pure muscle but he has this really thick and stubby dick. Another incentive to stay at a healthy weight.[quote]Yes, it's 5-6 inches hard R26. Dicks don't vary in size such as some days you're 5 inches and some days you're 6 inches. It was maybe 4 inches hard, if that, and seemed even smaller due to his stature. I feel bad for guys who kind of obviously have not much down there--those whose clothed crotches are basically concave. When it's hard, it's just a cunt hair shy of 6", but, compared to most other dicks I have encountered, it's not very thick. I wish I was more of a shower and not a grower in the locker room.And I prefer to top, so in other words I dont find a lot of guys who want me to top!Especially if they are black or Latino and their body and dick are way bigger than mine.

I was at the gym and this guy comes up to me and starts talking with me. Well, to my surprise, this guy with HUGE hands and fingers, size 13 shoe, over 6 feet tall and big shoulders, etc. I couldn't believe that with my inexperience, I could deep throat him and rim him all with the same sucking. I ended up fucking his tight ass (it was the best ass and hole I've ever seen) constantly for about 3 more weeks. He tried fucking me once, but it seriously felt like a needle jabbing my asshole. I'm not a bottom anyway, but damn if I don't like to suck and play around with a nice meaty dick. Tall men are often mistaken for princess tinymeat - but it's really all about proportion. She set up a date with what turned out to be an extremely cool and handsome guy who had recently moved to the states from New Zealand. I wanted to warn him that she was crazy and was looking for someone to mess with, like she had done so many times before, but I never had the chance. He takes his pants off to reveal a micropenis about an inch long. I tell my buddies that and they think I'm bullshitting. I've dated a couple of guys who had large to huge ones. I'm quite happy with my average cock and I prefer average cocks in my sexual encounters. It is so typical at that age to obsess about whatever one thing "ruins" your desirability. 5" is on the smaller side but it is not truly tiny.My confusion now comes from, at 6 - (yeah i did just measure it)that means I'm above average Woot Woot!On a personal side - I really don't care how big a guys cock is - if I can still make some guy get hard enough to fuck me, then my day is complete!Then one time I was fucking this girl and I said something about having a big cock and she replied that it was not big, just average. I still think I have a big one, despite having been otherwise advised!R44Tried to watch parts of it but that Lawrence guy came off as annoying and unlikable.

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What I lack in dick I more than made up for in ass so I end up biting the pillow most of the time.

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