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“I did not feel so isolated, knowing that there were people supporting me.” She added: “I am still in shock and can’t believe that I’m finally out of there.” Miss Hillier was asleep in a room above the store when police broke down the door and arrested her.

She was alleged to be having an affair with the shop owner, who was downstairs at the time of the raid.

You are left alone the big majority of the times because the man is out with friends most of the times.

The court however convicted her for “enticing sexual contact with a man who was not my husband” and she was sentenced to three months.

She was due to be released in mid- August, but she was released last Thursday after ruler Sheik Sultan Bin Mohamed Al-Qassimi III gave her a pardon.

Sharjah is viewed as the most conservative of the states.

Strict sex and decency laws include rules that even forbid unmarried men and women being alone together.

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Even if you are sick, you need to do everything in the house. Once upon a time he was prince charming but with time he changed. He shows affection but only when it's time for sex, other than that NO. and not to forget that you feel like you are a total lost case because he makes you feel this way.

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