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Cid 1888

The two murders of 30 September 1888 gave the letter greater importance and to underline it the unknown correspondent again committed red ink to postcard and posted it on 1 October.

In this communication he referred to himself as 'saucy Jacky...' and spoke of the "double event......." He again signed off as Jack the Ripper.

A popular image of the killer as a 'shabby genteel' man in dark clothing, slouch hat and carrying a shiny black bag was also beginning to gain currency.

The murder of Mary Kelly, in November 1888, was accompanied by mutilation of such ferocity that it beggared description, and, for once, left the press short of superlatives.After the Eddowes murder the City Police, under Detective Inspector James Mc William, were also engaged on the hunt for the killer. The police investigated a suspicion that Tabram was murdered by a soldier.Mylett, who was not even murdered according to Assistant Commissioner Robert Anderson, was probably strangled by a client.The status of this correspondence is still being discussed by modern historians.Immediately after the Eddowes murder a piece of her bloodstained apron was found in a doorway in Goulston Street, Whitechapel.

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Arguments can be made against all of them being the culprit, and no hard evidence exists against any of them.