Computer shutdown while updating

Posted by / 30-Sep-2016 00:12

Computer shutdown while updating

However, sometimes you can get a corrupt update and your computer when rebooted or shut down will get stuck on this dreaded screen: This will not go away and most people outside of the IT world usually take full notice of the “Please do not power off or unplug your machine…” message and we have known clients leave machines on this screen for days in the hope that it will eventually start working – it won’t!

Before going into the full written guide, you can check out the video demo below which shows the fix being carried out.

But my boyfriend shut my laptop lid without knowing.

Now when I attempt to use it, the log in menu appears, but once it logs in, it logs me back out and takes me back to the original log in page.

The reason this is happening is because of a corrupt update or a corrupt update database.

Either way, the fix is pretty simple if you have a basic understanding of computers.

But lets assume everything is ok and you are now back into Windows.

Do not turn off your machine or reboot it as you will just get stuck on the “Installing Updates…” message again.

While these updates are being installed it recommends you don't shutdown the computer.Yes, If you rename or remove C:\Windows\Win Sx S\file, you could postpone update to next reboot. It may require changing the permissions and ownership of the file.I haven't tested it on running windows image, but I am sure it works when you interrupt windows boot.Once you are convinced you have a problem, you should power off your machine.This means holding down the power button (on your computer not a monitor which we have seen people do! You should notice that you computer will completely shut off. This should now take you straight back into Windows – if you are very unlucky then the update may have screwed up your computer and it may be time for a rebuild.

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I have installed a new windows machine and configured windows update to automatically download updates.