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Correspondence dating guestbook

In some cases the reasons for choosing such an approach seem downright backwards...arguing back from Science to boost the reputation, as it were, of Scripture seems unfortunate and unnecessary, though I find the history of how people have interpreted the Bible fascinating. Mc Graff's book "Christianity's Dangerous Idea" demonstrates how rooted some of Christianity's practices were in their local and immediate context, which appears to be part of his point in relating the story of William Paley in his book "Dawkin's God" as well.Mc Grath also quotes many godly men of Darwin's era as having initially accepted evolution as compatible with Scripture when it was first presented (maybe before the synthesis of so many disciples resulting in Neo-Darwinism? Those who continue to accept it now appear to be doing the same thing as early Protestants and Paley, they are rooting their interpretation of Scripture in their time and social context whereas the Bible appears to relate a message that is for all time (transcendent).

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On the other hand, I have read some articles by Paul H.

Seely, and others like him, and their approach comes across as intellectually honest, an approach, I admit, that appeals to me, but I find myself unable to embrace many of their conclusions.

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