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Cyber sex chat groups

In the early days of the Internet before there was text-messaging with cell phones or video-conferencing with Skype there were chat rooms.Most were set up so users could visit on a particular subject such as music or movies or pets or whatever.I heard later that the room lasted for about six hours with lots of different people coming and going everyone except Zeena.Well, the next morning I spotted Zeena online and immediately IM'd her to ask why she'd invited all these people into a private room and then disappeared. Several others have also asked where I was." "But I didn't do it it was my kitty.She walked across my keyboard and accidentally started a chat room. I had no idea anyone actually ended up going there." But the story becomes even more bizarre: Zeena had been doing some online flirting and suspected her flirtee of doing some flirting on the side.The cat had actually invited Zeena's guy and the other woman into this chat room (well, it invited everyone on Zeena's Buddy List who was currently online) and they were going crazy wondering why Zeena would invite them both into this room and then disappear. Yes, I realize this all sounds pretty unremarkable in todays world of camera-phone "sexting" where people sometimes send inappropriate photos of themselves to others (which is a foolhardy and dangerous thing to do) but it was pretty exciting back then when it was the newest and hottest computer technology.

I probably got a similar thrill from watching my Sims family make woo-hoo.

It was invigorating to have an older man express interest in me and my life; it didn’t matter that that life wasn’t mine, but Dana’s, or that he was supposedly old, potentially married, and borderline illiterate.

For me, cybersex with Frank Zappy was nothing short of a full-blown sexual awakening.

And the rooms were usually hosted by someone who "rode shotgun" to keep the chats friendly and civil.

However, if you knew the tricks, it was also possible to create your own chat room and invite others into it.

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I would comment almost exclusively on the writings of women, and soon had quite a collection of "cyber lady friends." One evening the following message flashed on my screen: Zeena has invited you into a private chat room will you accept?