Dating a younger girl pua

Posted by / 04-Sep-2015 11:25

At that age a girl will usually ditch her friend to go out with a guy she likes ,even if she knows her friend has dibs and likes you.

Also, try to jump on board with some internet dating sites.

BTW I'm assuming that by saying cool you mean how old for young chicks to still want to bang you...

Thats pretty much what has worked for me even at 52, the only thing that has worked against me lately has been a gain of 20 lbs since chemotherapy ended (cancer cells actually helped bring me to a good weight).

Take your vitamins and eat healthy is my advice to all, better chance of staying young longer. I know I can be charming, but that was unexpected and I wasn't even trying to hook up. I don't actively pursue anyone under about 27, but once you talk to younger women and don't really pursue them creepily things can happen. Have a youthful appearance, dress with style, have a modern hairstyle, drive a nice car, and have money? Do you dress, act and look like an average dude your age?

Don't take on things that will stress you out physically and/or mentally too much. Many 18 - 25 year old guys are very immature, at least here in the U. If so good luck cause your days to bang young chicks are numbered.

The older you get the more above average you need to be.

Do your own thing, enjoy your own company and women will follow.

Try not to start a relationship with the first 20 year old that bat's her eyes at you. Go to a bar with her friends and see if any of them catches your eye.

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I know I can be charming, but that was unexpected and I wasn't even trying to hook up. Thanks, I'm lucky as I still still don't have any gray and have a full head of hair, and lucky that I recently beat Cancer. I'm 52, look 35, and recently a good looking 19 year old asked me for a ride home from work, and she jumped my bones and we did the deed. I think initially most women in that age group wouldn't go for that much of an older guy once they see them initially.