Dating an old high school friend

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I giggled like a stupid girl, and complimented him too much.

Then he said the single sexiest sentence in the history of the world, the sentence that both starts and ends everything: “You wanna get out of here?

Sometimes I worry it's me: I was quiet, shy, but always nice and polite to people, and always had time for them. Are people simply too busy or don't care at all about their past?

I know they don't reply because they update their status etc AFTER I send the message.

Anyway, after chatting to a few of them I did ask if they were interested in meeting up, but people just don't seem to be.

Why is it so easy to find love (albeit unrequited) in those few puberty-laden years and now I can barely find a man I can stand to hear talking for longer than five minutes?

No, I don’t want to hear about your fucking stock options, which trains you take to work, what you pay for rent, or what protein powder you use in your morning smoothie.

Ok, one of the features I like about facebook/myspace is the chance to re-connect with old classmates and friends. ' It's not like I pressure them to meet up, or really even plan to, but why won't people even respond to messages from an old acquaintance or even friend (in a couple of cases)?

So I searched everyone I could remember and added them. It's not like I did any of them any wrong, or was very unlikable at school.

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