Dating and domestic violence

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Dating and domestic violence

It often begins with what is excused as trivial contacts, which escalate into more frequent and serious attacks.

Physical abuse may include, but is not limited to, pushing, shoving, hitting, kicking, choking, restraining with force, or throwing things.

Although there are some general patterns in domestic or dating violence, there is no typical abusive behavior.

To wear down and control his/her victim, an abuser may use isolation, emotional harassment, physical contact, intimidation, or other means.

If you’re considering turning to a dating website to meet new people, it’s important to remember a few safety tips as well as red flags to look out for.

There are some warning signs that might indicate that the person you’re speaking with is less than genuine, has questionable intentions or is already involved/married.

If you’re chatting/e-mailing with a potential date, don’t give out too much personal info in your messages — a good rule of thumb is to stay on a first name basis until the first date.

Remember that your online profile isn’t the right place to divulge personal info about your past relationships.

Share them with your teen and look at them together, or simply pass them on.

It’s the same place where you’ve started managing bank accounts, reading the news, and selling your old stuff: the internet.

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Some people shy away from the idea of online dating, but in today’s tech-driven world, it’s no longer as awkward as you may have thought.

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