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Dating bars in london

Finally got the date and now looking to seriously impress?The Symphony is the answer to it all as they cruise the Thames taking in London's most incredible scenery.Entertainment is provided as you watch your meal of classic Indian food with British touches made right in front of you at the Tandoor bar so there won't be any awkward silences.

Impress your date with a sophisticated soiree into Clerknewell's buzzing centre.Treat your hottie to a classy cocktail, blended with the finest, freshest ingredients into new and exciting innovations.Dinner isn't off the cards either, and we all know food is the way into anybody's good books.Why would you go to Nando’s or the movies when the UK’s only permanent frozen cocktail bar is on your doorstep?London’s famous Ice Bar is pretty damn extraordinary; everything in sight is carved out of the purest ice around and temperatures are maintained at a crisp -5°C.

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You'll have plenty of time, as you'll never want the night to end.