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The most important fossils from Member 2 belong to the specimen St W 573.

The foot bones of this skeleton were initially found in a dump of breccia outside the cave (Clarke and Tobias 1995).

afarensis or is more similar to later South African hominids, but this would certainly be an important question to answer from the respect of early hominid phylogeny.

He proposed that this could be explained by the chance lack of these species at Makapansgat, but viewed that possibility as less likely than the hypothesis that the species appeared after Makapansgat Member 4, to be found in the later Sterkfontein deposits.

Clarke and Tobias (1996) responded to this argument by noting the long stratigraphy of Member 3 between the Member 2 and 4 sequences, with several flowstones that must have taken a long time to deposit.

In recent years, excavations lower in the deposit, including the Jacovec cavern and the Silberberg grotto, have produced hominid fossils attributable to Member 2.

These were initially believed to be around 3.5 million years old.

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The Sterkfontein deposits are divided into six members, and hominid have been recovered from Member 5, Member 4, and Member 2.