Dating rivera amplifiers

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Dating rivera amplifiers

i've been working long hours and not sleeping dont have to crank it, unless you want the power tubes to saturate.One other thing: the Rivera 6-spring reverb is bar-none the best sounding spring reverb I have ever heard on any amp anywhere.It is beautiful and smooth, never boinky or plingy.Again, you have to make the decision and be happy with that decision. I bought a Quiana Studio 1x12 a few years back, and I've been completely happy w/ it.Personally, I know I have a great quality amp that so far sounds good no matter what volume and setting are used, so I am happy. It's 50 watts, and plenty loud all by itself for just about any small gig.The 30watt only has one speaker outler jack, hence having to disconnect that speaker if you use an extn cab.The main thing is to make sure you run a cab with an 8 ohm impedance to maximise the amps output power..........whether that cab is 2, 4 or whatever qty of speakers isn't going to matter too much.

I got mine right after they came out, and hadn't made their way to the used market yet... A posted by Alanfc thanks guys, this was just the input I was looking for I have no experience with Gain by way of volume/crankage/breakup.

I've been scared off by Rivera pricing, but today stumbled across a 30 Watt R-series 1x 12 Rivera at a decent price. Maybe get a second 2x12 to run on both sides of stage.

I have questions about adding a cabinet and about the nature of the Rivera sound: 1) I read in their manual that when you conncect an external cabinet, the main speaker is disabled....what- can't I have it working too? (I have been advised by some people, that running this 30W and a 2x12 will be enough power if I'm in non-mic'ed situations..even with the Rivera 12" disconnected? any comments greatly appreciated/thanks-Alan very similar to marshall distortion. mine isn't here right now, but my knucklehead is set up that way and i believe that the amp your looking at is the 30 watt version of the knucklehead......something very i've seen look identicle to my amp minus the knucklehead logo.

I know I have to try it to really see what its like.

In a 3-piece Guitar-drum-bass scenario, will I have to crank to unreasonable volumes to get the sweet gain from the Rivera?

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How the 30watt version compares I can't say and I haven't yet connected the 5512 up to the 2 x 12 extn cab that I have here, so I don't know what difference that would make.

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