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Temperatures on the coast average 22°C during winter and 27°C in summer.In the mountain regions, the temperature drops to 11°C and 18°C respectively.The year is divided into two seasons - the cool, dry season which lasts from May to October and the hot, wet season which runs from November to April.Winter is only in name and it’s not really cold along the coast.Reunion is an island that rises 3 069m straight out of the ocean and has thousands of valleys surrounding its active volcano.The entire island is covered in mountains and the waters provide some of the best dive sites the Indian Ocean has to offer.It was soon discovered that Reunion could produce Geranium and Vetiver.When distilled, they provided oils that were highly prized by the major perfume makers.

The island of Reunion has a similar history to that of Mauritius and was uninhabited up to the middle of the 17th century.This means the currency used on the island is the Euro.The principal towns are Saint-Denis, the administrative centre; Saint-Paul, the first “capital” and Saint-Pierre the most southerly town.While the Arabic, Portuguese and English travellers all visited the island, it was the French who were first to find a use for it. The first colonists arrived on the Reunion beaches in around 1663 and were accompanied by Malagasy servants.They used Reunion as a prison, or rather a penal colony for “undesirables” from Madagascar. It was during the French Revolution that the island changed its name: The “Sans-culottes” (French revolutionaries) renamed it Reunion in memory of the meeting of the revolutionary forces at Paris in 1790.

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New and delightful smelling plantations flourished on the favourable heights of the western and southern regions of the island.