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The Ball company created hundreds of millions of jars between 19.

Personally I would not use antique jars for canning. In fact some of the old ones are nice thick jars and seem sturdier than even new jars. Fill them with homemade cappuccino, or someones favorite nuts or make a soup in a jar gift. Make sure it is stable and not falling in and then use it for all those jars of food you will be canning up from your new garden. No canning jars are injured for the sake of prettiness.Get unlimited access to over 700 online art and craft classes for only .95 per month!Start Free Trial" href="/gp/product/B01C6KLFZU/ref=usswahqp_creativebug_03092016? pf_rd_p=2540943442&pf_rd_s=hero-quick-promo-books-atf&pf_rd_t=201&pf_rd_i=0891453474&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_r=22HYZS0D7D3MCET59R48"This is a great little book to help identify all the differences in your fruit jar collection. I bought this book thinking it would help me gain a lot of knowledge about the many jars I've accumulated, but it was not what I expected. We're remodeling the house, building a better life for us and our children. There's pecan trees, chestnut trees, pear, apples, blackberries and more. Also be sure and clean them well and I would suggest even sterilizing them by boiling them. I found some old old antique canning jars under the house in the cellar. If there is any botulism there it can make animals just as sick as people.

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Simply Canning answer: If you don't want them I do!