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He wants me to send the money to his refinery rep, who happens to have a Nigerian last name, which I point out. Man on FB, going by the name of Malcom Ljunberg, no friends, friended my Mom, then I added him on my friend list, he would send the same line to both of us, and he wasn't smart enough to change the words. Single, 14 yr old daughter, in boarding school, works on oil rig off Long Beach California.He explains she's actually half Ghanaian and half Scottish, and I shouldn't jump to conclusions and be so suspicious. Seems like the scammers are popping up on every website, too bad they have ruined it for the decent people just looking to make friends. Profile says from Denmark, but he says he is from Ireland.I am on First Met (the price was right) and the guys were normal not hunks but low and behold the two guys who have contacted me are scammers as one has already stopped texting me (he was a rookie) because I didn't give into the lies but one is still talking to me not aware I am onto him and I am waiting for the request for money. They both meet the basic scam criteria, they get you off the site ASAP, call you a queen, and all have nanny's for their kids! but in the end with these great jobs and money to have nanny's they still ask for money???? I still have his emails because I loved our short affair (I did not give him money I have none) but he made me feel good. I am now on First Met and I think there is a scammer but I cut him off fast, the clue is they want to treat you like a QUEEN in my 57 years none of the men I have met ever say that!I don't get it in my profile I put "if you are a scammer do not contact me as I have no money" I don't get it? On first Met the guys look ok (beauty is in the eye of the beholder) normal but be cautious because two guys said they were deployed in the service so I asked why get on a dating site if your not home but no response yet.I have been Threatened by my scammer but it was saying I know where you live, I have never sent pictures to him that would ruin me, for I know he was saying a lot of scammers post pictures on their Rig site, or whatever site for other guys to see or even sell them for money. It a shame they do this on FB and it is so sad to me. Well all please take care and Be Careful and be safe. I too had a FB acquaintance probably with your same guy. He was a widow of 3 years, his wife died of brain cancer and has a 10 year old son.He asked for my email, I asked why not just message it's the same, his comment was so we could document our relationship so everyone could read about in the future. His parents died together in a car wreck together in Poland, and was sent to NY to live with his grandparents.His pictures are from a vacation in Vancouver (in front of Three Sisters Mountain Range and Siwash Rock with his son. Has anyone talked with Matthew Rossi, a widow with one little girl, who works in Ghana on the oil rig. Please warn her, show her this website, have her read stories. Sorry to hear this, I had been talking to my scammer almost two years and that is exactly how it started, his son was very sick and needed surgery and he need 500 dollars right away to pay the doctor. But this work is hard and long and they need their rest for the next day. Beware Ladies..can stop these scammers if we get the word out....knowledge is power !!! He does know where I live, but hopefully that will not be a problem.Michael Ryan but now he is William Lloyd on Facebook and is very good looking and has a phone number 303-787-0913. Within two days on POF, he was way too sweet and told me very sad stories of his life. He is supposedly under contract to clean up a spill on a rig near Cyprus. Mine is posted on this site under Nigerian Dating scams: Steve Vig Oil Rig Engineer. Then a while later he needed more money for his machines breaking down. He told me if I hear they work on a Rig in the Gulf Or somewhere else just delete them because they are scammers. This one is a widower who sent a picture of his little girl too. I got a friend request by a man named Alexander Robert. Wish I had known that there is an oil rig engineer scam going around before I communicated with him!

He has a definite accent, not quite British (he claims he grew up in London). I don't recognize the name but you can almost be 100% sure she is being scammed. She might get angry but in the end she will be thankful. My Friends son works on one and he said they do not have time to romance any women on FB or any other site, they get on maybe just to talk to family for a little bit. Asks for your private email because of scammers, gives his email, but never sends emails only FB messages.

Don't get scammed like me out of 1.000's of dollars.

Was in Mexico with broken pelvis, needed more money to get home.

My Angel wanted me to advise you that she did a search on the phone number you posted for this Creature and it comes up under a different person altogether a Linh Hanh. Remember these Creatures are good but, we are Better then them in every sense of the word.

They are nothing but low life creatures and yes, they will threating you with anything they can.

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I look at their profile with very poor details, no friends or only women in their list and I decline. Very good looking with salt and pepper hair and wears glasses. Unfortunately he has probably changed his name and information but please beware. And needed someone to sign to be the benefactor since his little Nora was underage. Yes, there was a strange accent that he explained as having had a 1/2 White, 1/2 Brazilian mom, "may she rest in peace." I texted him and told him I knew he was running a scam and told him not to get in touch with me. The people who are scamming us know that their real faces aren't going to attract us to them so they steal pictures of handsome men or beautiful women to lure us in so they can steal our money. My guy also had BP problems but didn't go as far as a broken pelvis but was also supposed to be a good kisser.

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