David hasselhoff dating two women

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Now after two and a half years of dating the Knight Rider star, Hayley Roberts is ready to finally say: “I do.”She has already turned down FIVE elaborate proposals from the Hoff. Hayley explains: “If he asked me now I would say yes.But 33-year-old Hayley reckons the time is right for the pair to wed. I didn’t want to rush into anything before.“Every relationship reaches the point where the honeymoon period is over, but with David it’s still amazing.“I’d want him to buy the ring, though – to prove he’s serious.I didn’t think he meant it, because there was no ring and I thought it was a spur-of-the- moment thing.“Actually, if I’d said yes I thought he might have had a heart attack.“The second time, he was getting ready in the dressing room at an awards show. Another time, we were on safari and he got out of the car, stood in front of an elephant and asked if I’d marry him.“That time I didn’t laugh.

It ran for a total of 11 years and, from the 1990s until its series finale in 2001, was watched by almost 1 billion viewers across 140 countries, solidifying his status among the world's foremost television personalities of the said period.

(However, in the 1982 two-hour pilot "Knight Of The Phoenix", Muntzy is shot and killed in the parking lot.

Also, a female character died in the "Nobody Does It Better" episode, and a gang member was killed by Michael Knight in the "Short Notice" episode.) He describes the acting he has done as "a little more difficult than if you had a regularly well-written script – like, if I was going to be in, say, Reservoir Dogs, or The Godfather, or Dances with Wolves or Lawrence of Arabia or ER, I had to talk to a car." While his star status waxed and waned in the USA, his popularity endured longer in Germany to the end of the 1980s.

But despite quitting her job in Debenhams to move to LA with him, Hayley still refused his offers of marriage.

She reveals: “The first time was on a beautiful beach in South Africa.“David got down on one knee and I just laughed.

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She says: “My sister sent me a picture of a beautiful wedding dress recently and it made me think if I was going to get married then I would want something simple but beautiful like that.“I wouldn’t want to get married in Wales, just because of the weather, really.“I’d like somewhere with guaranteed sunshine, but not America either.“I’d like a beach wedding.

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