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Diesi sxxx sie com

Megan Colligan, president of worldwide distribution and marketing for Paramount, said digital marketing efforts were key, as was its international cast that included Chinese martial arts star Donnie Yen.“The audience is young and highly mobile,” Colligan said.“There’s very open social engagement between the stars and the fans.The stars also did live video chats on Chinese social media, and took selfies with followers from Weibo, a massively popular social media site.The deluge of digital promotion for “x Xx” highlights fundamental differences in the way movies are marketed in China as compared to Hollywood.In one recent example, Weying realized Sony’s Chinese release of the Blake Lively shark movie “The Shallows” would face immense competition from Paramount’s “Star Trek Beyond,” a well-known franchise there.But while “Star Trek” was dominating pre-sales in the biggest cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, “The Shallows” was tracking surprisingly well in second- and third-tier cities.Executives say that is far more powerful than ads on broadcast TV, which is unpopular among Chinese youth. “There is almost no TV or radio advertising for movie marketing in China,” said Xian Li, director of international productions for 20th Century Fox Film.

Chinese entertainment company Le Vision Pictures, for example, analyzes local demographic data to see what types of people go to which theaters.

But still, Hollywood remains eager to tap into the growing marketplace.

That’s because when a film works in China, it still can mean the difference between a flop and a hit, as Paramount proved last weekend with “x Xx.”The movie, starring Diesel as an extreme-athlete-turned-special-agent, cost million to produce and surpassed 0 million in Chinese receipts this week.

Marketing budgets for big films in China typically total million to million, executives privately said. Selling stakes of films to deep-pocketed Chinese companies not only buttresses studios’ finances, but also gives them powerful allies when advertising their hoped-for blockbusters.

For their part, Chinese companies are hoping their investments will teach them more about the film business.

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The company has five different marketing teams focusing on particular audience groups, such as children and college students, to make sure they are booking movies where the target audience is likely to show up.

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