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As soon as you stop, the veins stay dilated but the muscle pump stops, and your blood pressure drops as blood pools in your legs.

That's why 800 runners, seconds or minutes after the race, often end up low to the ground or at least leaning with their head bent, because the blood pressure drop forces them down in order to get blood back up to the brain. If you break stride -- run, in other words -- you are escorted from the course, disqualified. Walkers are the red-headed stepchildren of athletics. They all wear those funny caps.) Nobody likes race walkers.

Some critics claim the physical toll on young girls is almost abusive. There is something primal about being face-to-face with your opponent and testing your sheer physical strength against his.

On top of everything else, the athletes have to be perfect in front of a panel of judges and a global TV audience. : As long as we're having a row about this, I'll put in my two pence for the eights race in rowing. Imagine non-contact athletes trying to perform while being twisted, flipped or trapped under their opponent.

Even when healthy, top marathoners can realistically do only two races a year -- which makes peaking for the Games that much more of a challenge : The marathon?

That's what people do for kicks when they want to get in shape. Let's see Oprah go out aerobic for 400 meters and come back anaerobic for 400 meters in the Olympics' toughest event, the 800 meters.

The truth is, there is nothing easy about it for the rider or horse.

It's flat-out dangerous, and it takes extraordinary nerve.

(Recall that world record holder Paula Radcliffe was reduced to a sobbing wreck on the curb in Beijing.) The volume and intensity of training is so great that injury is an ever-present threat.Some 2,400 years later, future Olympic champion Frank Shorter, in his first effort at the distance, got to 17 miles, turned to a fellow runner and said, "Why couldn't Pheidippides have died here?" But, of course, Pheidippides made it all the way to 26 miles, give or take, before succumbing, and then in 1908 (in London, reportedly to accommodate the viewing position of the Queen), those perverse extra 385 yards were tacked on.Not to worry: An explosion of niche dating sites is making it possible for picky date-seekers to find, well, just about anyone.There are sites for people who want to cheat on their spouses, meet inmates, date British guys, hook up with fellow cat lovers and find people who share their health problems or tastes in music.

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