Fuck chat without signing up to do so brazil dating wife

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Fuck chat without signing up to do so

Brah, your opening line should always be a bold statement that forces the girl to respond.The reason being that girls get shitloads of boring messages from beta phaggots.Lay up off that action They don't do no rapping Ain't got shit to lose They grab them choppers and start clapping Pull up at your moma house, everybody is a victim Nigga we don't leave no witness, we be gone on a mission Gone, now you going to miss Them choppers on them snow pistols Couple hundred rounds gunned you down Shit's just like some missiles Many of these niggas ain't straight Niggas ain't getting no cake Niggas ain't flipping no weight Niggas just getting in the way 40 you say say, try me, make my day Point them guns your way and now you ain't got no face Oh we in the game and them niggas that focus on somebody that playin' with yall so gucci My nigga I stunt, I will snatch up your dollars When I'm in the club I got 100 bottles You hating ass niggas you ain't got no spine They run up on my watch, so I can't watch no time Not only a threat, I'm also the best You gon' have to learn to accept it like death [Verse 2: Koopsta Knicca] Which one of you fuck niggas wanna test me Real goons, real me, they gone call the police Siren sounds, get dis bitch up out this hoe I had to show his cover ,snatchin' nuts up out they throat North Memphis beat down, caught 'em on the rebound Deftones, Funky Town, cry now, gun sound Dead mane broke parts, more to get pulled apart Koopsta too hard ,my god, body parts [Verse 3: Skinny Pimp] Chrome 40 mag, when you got 'em stuck Ran through the hood, then you ran for the door Got a whole lot of bands but it's not for sale Real street niggas don't hide here Ducking and dodging the cops and shit [?] But it bounce right back at big Mafia six They can't keep Skinny Pimp in this bitch With DJ Paul, Gangsta Boo, Scarecrow, Crunch' and Koop We breaking the law, damn they down my door, it's a fact y'all We turning it up, put to hood [?Nah I'm lying, I still celebrate I'm a millionaire so the traphouse like [?] Nah I'm lying, I still celebrate A gun from the hip, so I still sell a bitch Run around in a row with my nose in that shit, trick With hella guns, big guns, you really want some?

], mouth full of civil well Put the price on your head, now my goons are millionaire You dislikin' prison care, but you niggas in prison care I don't give a fuck about care, so I never care I’m a millionaire so the traphouse a brick..

] [Verse 8: Locodunit] Ready for 09's, ain't got a role model You fuck with my high, you're not going to roll right Breaking two gold bottles, hang with the real Chill with the real robbers, killers and pill poppers We cuffing that shit and them niggas that steal choppers Fuck you feel about this?

Real lane Scale-A-Ton tatted on my arm, drawn in my palms Kush between my index and my thumb, exhale from my lungs Load the Tommy Gun, split the tongues, kill them one by one Dump all the body parts into my trunk [Verse 9: Point Blank] Didn't give a fuck about yesterday, don't give a fuck today And tomorrow I'm probably going to feel the same fucking way They love you when I hit it, hate me when I miss it So much yack in system you can smell it when I'm pissing I smoke like a broke down engine I love my money like I love my women Let me show you how to whip it Let me show you how to pack it Let me show you how to sell it Let me show you how to stack it Pillow talking with these rest might get you excited But don't let the pillow talk get you green lighted Now I'm in the mix with the Mafia Six, but I breathe H-Town I'mma die coalition, coalition Told you once, told you a million motherfucking times I'm like a shredder, don't get caught up in my fucking grind Mix me with that shit, it's the wrong night Body parts, hope it's them bitch niggas I don't like [Verse 10: J-Green, aka JGRXXN] Monkey ass niggas sit banana clips (aye) And water niggas 'bout to make me click (them) Fucking with the Six catch a hollow tip I never go, never without my click Ana for you niggas to the grizzle And niggas think they superman, so you can get your issue Six million ways to put them in the trunk JGreen on the scene, put the body parts in dump [Verse 11: Kokoe & ] I’m the hardest Mexican, out of west L.

We even had the fortune of listening to an unreleased sample of a track for their upcoming sophomore album, and I walked away having had RZA freestyle at me right there and then—I gained levels in life after that.

While that’s something I’ll be taking to the grave, what we can share with you is the in-depth interview we had with the two that will explain exactly why we music in general needs more collaborations just like this.

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