Garageband updating to new song format ze

Posted by / 01-Nov-2016 01:10

has a great feature on Garage Band from last year that included several musicians describing their early experiences with the app as empowering, before ultimately saying that they had to move on to something more flexible.

He says he's been using the app for years as a way to quickly put together new beats.

"Pain and I always like to say, 'It's the carpenter, not the hammer.'" When T-Pain returns, we start to go through more of what Garage Band's Live Loops interface can do.

He's bent over the i Pad again, quickly creating a new loop by almost haphazardly tapping a few keys on the on-screen piano.

Grimes, for instance, has gone out of her way to dispel the myth that she relies on Garage Band.

(She used it on her breakout album, 2012's Visions, but she's since switched primarily to Ableton.) T-Pain laughs off the criticism when I ask him about it. "It’s totally legitimate." Garage Band has become a lot more capable over time, he says, offering more granular control over sounds, the ability to manage more tracks, and — a new feature in this release — the use of third-party apps, like i Maschine, as additional instruments.

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These aren't things that T-Pain needs; he knows his way around far more complicated tools.