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Her ingenuousness, it turns out, is almost impossibly genuine. (For her own part, Cahoon says, she drew on what she learned at Vanderbilt in one semester of Intro to Filmmaking.) Also at Vanderbilt, Cahoon sparkled up the gridiron as a member of Danceline, the school’s official dance team.(Amazing Flickr proof lives here.) As a child, though banished from her beloved trampoline by a back injury, Cahoon took ballet six days a week and became an avid — in fact, prizewinning — gardener by age 12.Even when they know these statements are false, they do not care.” (By the way, her book’s reviews on Amazon have taken on a grand satirical life of their own.“Miss Cahoon is kind to her ignorant reader like a Swedish hostel manager might be kind to a single American girl who thinks Sweden is a rustic province of Wales and can’t for the life of her remember if she thought to tell her family she’d be abroad for a few weeks,” reads one.)Cahoon has also learned that she’s hardly the only victim of online asshattery. Quit modeling because some cruel people want to bring her down? Taylor Swift, who is hugely successful and one of the sweetest girls, would not have written a song called ‘Mean’ if this were not a problem in our society.” Seriously! Cahoon’s series of videos, based on the advice in her book, “The Single Girls’ Guide To Meeting European Men,” are so hilariously perky yet wooden, so social-media-savvy yet dated, so mannered yet subtle, so “worldly” yet wide-eyed, that “parody” vs. (Video posted below.)On the one hand, there’s the Gawker conclusion (shared by many), based on “in depth Internet research” revealing Cahoon on Facebook and her book on Amazon: She is “the world’s craziest dating expert” and the videos are “thrillingly real” (“please watch in splendid amazement”).On the other hand, there are those who say the videos — the costume changes! the imagine Cahoon (or “Cahoon”) pulling off a head-spinningly elaborate pop-culture fake-persona long con: Joaquin Phoenix meets Stephen Colbert meets Tina Fey/Amy Poehler meets Carrie Bradshaw. At least that’s what I was rooting for.) But the debate in the first place is a sign of our post-Blair Witch, post-reality TV, “I’m Still Here”/”Catfish“/”Jersey Shore”/You Tube times: We’ve become so jaded that it’s near impossible to distinguish between real life and a hoax — or a marketing strategy — and we’re always on the defensive for being duped.These were tips the Vanderbilt grad gave to her friends upon returning to campus each fall with fabulous tales of being “manopolized” by suitors in Europe’s most “mantastic” hot spots.She explained one video tip to me about the festival of San Fermin: “If a woman wears red and white at the running of the bulls, it means you’re respecting Spanish culture, and men will want to meet you for that.

But Cahoon is not unaware that there’s also been some laughing-at.

For an American, dating a European woman offers some interesting advantages:• Sense of style: I grew up in the midwest, so until college I thought sweat pants were appropriate “going out” attire.

Despite this, I’ve worked a bit in the fashion industry and feel that European women have a better handle on dressing than Americans.

For example, one person claimed to have read my book, but her description of it was the opposite of what the book states. These were straight out of my book even though she claimed I had omitted them.

For example, she suggested learning some of the native language. 19 in my book, entitled ‘Break Through Language Barriers,’ covers exactly this,” Cahoon says, displaying a refreshingly dated belief in the magical power of demonstrable fact.

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