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After that, his behaviour grew increasingly erratic.

He would vanish for days and then arrive at the Old China Hand to wolf down several meals at once, eating fish and chips and a steak and kidney pie at the same time.

And he would seek out women at the New Makati, where he eventually found one of his two alleged victims last week.

According to the police’s timeline of events, he may even have returned to the pub for a pint after allegedly killing his first victim, 25-year-old Sumarti Ningsih, whose body was found in a suitcase on his 31st-floor balcony.

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Jutting’s year in Hong Kong, from when he arrived in the summer of 2013, unfolded in an area smaller than one square mile.

But it was an alienating life underneath the island’s neon towers.

To the locals, expats in Hong Kong are “gweilo”, or ghost people, so-named because of the whiteness of their skin.

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For a while, Jutting did have an attachment, to Ariane Guarin, or Yanie, whom he met in Angeles City in the Philippines, whose far sleazier nightlife draws weekend sex tourists from Hong Kong.

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