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Posted by / 19-Dec-2016 07:46

We post information about new mobile features, third party mobile apps, mobile privacy and security, and many other issues on occassions in the site news / blog section.

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Our site new and blog section works with mobile web browsers, but is not yet enhanced for best mobile display.Then Adobe finally decided to abandon mobile device functionality.This really broke the functionality of many cool things on the web.In April 2014 most sections of the site will be focused to display and function well with most internet connected devices, unfortunately our orignal chat aka old chat, java chat (OC) system will likely never work for mobile devices.We tried many things to get this popular fast system to be compatible, but after many attempts, we have decided to move to other systems that will allow our visitors to chat with others using mobile devices.

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The transition to these new technologies is taking more time for everyone to recode everything than we expected, but we will be doing our best to bring about similar, if not better functionality with these methods in the future.