Is andrew vanwyngarden dating someone

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Is andrew vanwyngarden dating someone

"I didn't realize it until now, but it's kind of funny, because the first song on our first album was 'Time to Pretend', which was about the imagined rock star scenario.So, [the song] 'It's Working' is like, "Yeah, we went out there and we did a lot of drugs, and it's not that great," he told Spin. Samuels finds out if psych-songsmiths MGMT have burned the bridge back to sanity—and pop—by entering a world of darkness and electronics with their third, self-titled LP. Above left to right: Andrew Van Wyngarden and Ben Goldwasser Working-class clout has appeared at the heart of the Anglo-American conception of authenticity ever since the late seventies, when narratives of pop music’s blue-collar roots became a kind of common knowledge and the terms “middle class” and “suburban” became epithets.Not so MGMT’s Ben Goldwasser and Andrew Van Wyngarden.Andrew Van Wyngarden, was born in Columbia, Missouri, and grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, where he attended Lausanne Collegiate School and White Station High School.His father, Bruce Van Wyngarden, is the editor of the alternative newspaper Memphis Flyer."From then on, all he ever wanted for Christmas was musical instruments; future seasons saw a drum set, a banjo, and a mandolin." While in high school, he formed a band with Dan Treharne called Glitter Penis, where it was the two of them playing around on the computer "just making songs," Van Wyngarden says.They created and recorded parody songs but did not perform live.

He was influenced by the music he listened to with his sisters, Nirvana and Phish in particular, and often went through his parents' record collection in the attic where he found Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, etc.The first album reached the #2 spot on Napster's "Unsigned Bands" chart.The band went on hiatus when most of its members went to college.Later on, Van Wyngarden was in a band called Accidental Mersh with future MGMT guitarist Hank Sullivant who would later introduce him to James Richardson, MGMT's future live guitarist.The band achieved local success and fame in and around the Memphis area, and released two albums: The self-titled Accidental Mersh and Mirror Israeli.

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MGMT‘s Andrew Van Wyngarden has set the record straight about his alleged romance with Hollywood actress Kirsten Dunst. “Not only is Kirsten Dunst NOT dating Van Wyngarden, she was in Los Angeles during the festivals The Sun claimed she was attending in Europe,” they said.

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