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Of course the difference here is that Jack just turned 75 on Sunday while Leo is half that age.That being said, it’s still a rather impressive list.

This week we continue our series with a man who has allegedly hooked up with at least as many famous women as Leo: Jack Nicholson.It’s also been reported that Jack has nailed over 2,000 women, but today we’re just going to focus on the famous ones. Sandra Knight (1958-1968), Mimi Machu (1967-1971), Susan Anspach (1969-1971), Rita Moreno (1970), Candice Bergen (1971), Michelle Phillips (1971-1972).Jack and Anjelica were an item for 16 years, but as you will see as you scroll down, it wasn’t always exclusive.After this he’s (probably wisely) stuck to less famous women.(Age difference: 37 years.) Two models and a hooker that we’re pretty sure he banged, just not exactly sure when.

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(Age differences: 17, 18, and 13 years respectively.) (Pictured on the right.) Despite being a famous model there is very little information or photography of her available on the Web.

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