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But in Japan, which is already tackling the problems associated with a low birth rate and an aging population, sex in marriage is getting ever scarcer.A survey conducted by the Japan Family Planning Association found that over 47% of married men and women had not had sex for a month or more, the Guardian reports.Although that date is not until August 16, 3766, the clock brought attention to what scientists are calling a ‘demographic timebomb’.In recent weeks, people have posted stories to the aggregator website Matome Naver, telling how in one case, a colleague married their friend of 10 years.There is no real evidence that the kousai zero nichikon trend is taking the far eastern islands by storm.But it draws parallels with Japan’s now mostly defunct omiai arranged marriage tradition, in which parents suggested partners for their adult children.That was a 2.6-percentage-point increase from the last survey in 2014, and much higher than the 31.9% recorded in the first such poll in 2004.

Apart from improving working hours, there is also a need to review how people work.”National Institute of Population and Social Security Research found a significant rise in the number of virgins in the country." data-reactid="23"Last year, the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research found a significant rise in the number of virgins in the country.A record high 47.2% of married men and women said they were in sexless marriages, up 2.6 percentage points from the previous poll in 2014, the association said, and significantly higher than the 31.9% recorded when it conducted its first survey of the nation’s bedroom habits in 2004.“The tendency of being in a sexless marriage has increased further,” Japanese media quoted the association’s president, Kunio Kitamura, as saying.Some experts have cast doubt on the notion that Japan has suffered a collective loss of libido, and point out that its people are not alone among industrialised nations in struggling to find the time for intimacy.The Japanese ‘sex crisis’ appears to be deepening after a report suggested a record number of couples are living in a sexless marriage.A new survey found that nearly half of all married couples had not had sex for more than a month — and did not plan to anytime soon.

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The apparent lack of interest in sex among married couples has been blamed for contributing to Japan’s low birth rate , as the country grapples with the prospect of long-term population decline and the economic fallout from a dwindling workforce.

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