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Late night sex chat in kenya

"Unless a man can build a house from scratch with only mud and thatch it with straw, or hunt down a squirrel for stew he has no business asking me to cook like his mother," rants Angwenyi.

At 32, she is very optimistic that she will be married in due course and feels "no pressure at all".

"We have a case of women who would make great wives but have strange behaviour such as overindulging in beer drinking and smoking. Technology seems to be playing a major role in as far as discouraging men from marriage is concerned. A man doesn't need a woman to wake up and fix or warm him a meal late at night when he gets home from work or drinking.

If she cannot cook, wash or at least supervise these chores, many men are questioning the role women can play in their lives.

Turns out, many men are stuck with the traditional expectations of a wife that are no longer realistic.

You probably know a bachelor who has it all; a good job, nice car, lives in a great apartment in a middle-class estate and is well into his 30s - half-way through his life-expectancy - or even in his 40s.

It is also very true that we have women of such qualities who are not married. Thus, it is very likely that it's men who are boycotting marriage.

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