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Live sex slovenija

The share of those with upper secondary education was similar in both groups, about 60%.

Accordingly, the share of those with basic or lower education was higher among the unemployed: 22% as opposed to 11% among the employed.

Compared to 1 January 2011, the number of persons living in other households (including homeless people) more than doubled.

Every third household is a one-person household The average size of households and the household structure by the number of household members have not changed a lot since 1 January 2011, but the trend of less numerous households has continued.

Better education among the employed, retired women less educated than retired men Among the employed population, 32% had tertiary education.

Among the unemployed population, this share was nearly a half lower: 18%.

retired persons, pupils and students, and other inactive), were retired.More active persons than a year before According to the Statistical Office of Slovenia, the number of active persons (i.e.employed and unemployed) decreased by about 11,500 in 2014 and reached 937,485.13% of the population lived alone (almost one in seven people).Although the numbers of male and female one-person households on 1 January 2011 were almost the same, big differences in the age structure and reasons for the establishment of such households were revealed.

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The increase was more marked among women (by 1.0 percentage point, 0.6 of a percentage point among men).

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