Most intimidating defensive nfl players

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Most intimidating defensive nfl players

* ,000 - A hit on Titans' quarterback Vince Young. In my second argument, I provided an unbiased definition of intimidation that aligned closely with my criteria.

* ,000 - A brutal helmet-to-helmet hit of Browns' wideout Mohamed Massaquoi. By your own admission, Aaron Rodgers does not meet the emotional dimension of intimidation.

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In 2010, James Harrison was slapped with four fines for illegal hits totalling 5,000. In my first argument, I contradicted that criteria with five elements of intimidation in the NFL.One of the ways a great defense operates is by psychologically destroying its opponent before they even set foot on to the field.Often, these units carry nicknames like the “Steel Curtain” or the “Purple People Eaters,” monikers that only add to their legend and give opposing offensive players nightmares days before the actual game.In football, offense tends to be what dominates the headlines and sells tickets.The flash of a big play and the thrill of a long touchdown are what drive TV ratings and are the things that fans love to watch.

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No one, and I repeat no one, is playing better football in the NFL than Aaron Rodgers. He's completing 71.8% of his passes, which is mind boggling. James Harrison is more intimidating than Aaron Rodgers.

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