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The application brings this information to you in Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu.

Here, I have compiled the list of some great social networks for movie lovers who like to discuss about the latest films, their favorite movies, watch reviews and ratings, get latest news on upcoming movies, latest releases and all about MOVIES. So, have a look on Save Delete’s compilation of Top 10 Social Networking Websites For Movie Fanatics. See Also : 10 Best Movie Review Websites 1) : The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is an online database of information related to movies, television shows, actors, production crew personnel, video games, and most recently, fictional characters featured in visual entertainment media.

IMDb launched on October 17, 1990, and in 1998 was acquired by Flixster is a social movie site allowing users to share movie ratings, discover new movies and meet others with similar movie taste.

I think every movie buffs have to check this site and have fun while voting for their favorite movie.

6) I Heart Movies : I Heart Movies is a social movie collection database system which works same as IMDB by combining move ratings and reviews, recommendations etc.

4) Film : Originally planned by Josh and Alex as a personal movie review site, it quickly expanded into the idea of a full use social utility revolving around writing movie reviews, members’ favorite movie lists, and the ability to make and interact with friends.

They have a very unique system in which they gives users points for movie ratings, writing reviews, making lists or adding synopsis or plot summaries of movies. It’s a process which repeats again and again, but you want it more.

5) : Flickchart ranking system is unusual, but its very simple and most of all very addictive. Yes, I am right, this site almost taken my 3 hours when I logged in first and keep looking for more pairs to vote up and make the best list.

You can also see various news articles and interviews with your favorite movie stars.

10) The Auteurs : It is not just about discovering wonderful new cinema or classic masterpieces.

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It gives score to the films according to the reviews from various critics.

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