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Ms project complete not updating

Look for a book called Dynamic Scheduling with Microsoft Office Project 2007 to learn more.

You have 5 days fixed duration task assigned to a resource.

To resolve the problem, the PM should change the Task Type for the completed task to either Fixed Units or Fixed Work.

This change will not matter because the task is completed.

What you will see (based on your description) is that the resource is less utilized then previously reported over that work period.

So, if you had the person 100% utilized, they are 1/12 less utilized now, allow you to add additional tasks to him.

Those options will move tasks around based upon the status date and the % complete.

However I believe it does affect the task effort, since it reduces the outstanding amount to zero.If you had auto-levelling switched on, this could be allowing it to reschedule future work to take account of work planned for the future but now not required, and thus affecting the dates of other tasks in the project.If your colleagues have auto-levelling switched off then no such re-scheduling will take place. At the bottom of the Advanced page, there are options for how Project deals with the % complete and the status date.You will also notice the ellipsis character (…) at the end of the Gantt bar for this task, indicating there is uncompleted Remaining Duration on the task. Since the task is fixed duration, Project doesn’t reduce the total duration when the work is completed earlier.So, I would recommend you to begin looking for an ellipsis character at the end of any Gantt bar for an in-progress task.

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This is not reflected in MS Project automatically, and I wonder if I'm missing a setting somewhere or some action to be done. because the MS Project team doesn't have to dog-food their own product.

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