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On the other hand, there is Ayumi Hamasaki, who was popular at the same time.

She has won the Japan Record Award three years a row (Dearest, Voyage, No way to say) and was a charismatic young girl.

Just like Hamasaki Ayumi, we wonder when the day Amuro will also give up on this company will come.

VISION rejected them by replying that ‘Not having an MC is the best way for the fans to watch Amuro right now, and the number of performances she has is the limit at the moment’ and got extremely mad because Avex ‘didn’t keep their promise'”.

With this number of audience members and performances, she shined as a successive top solo female artist.

While she isn’t announcing singles constantly like she did in the past, Amuro has been earning steady figures through her activities.

She has to be aware that she’s different than before and has gotten older.

I’m kind of ashamed for her.” “Sighs at former fans’ ‘she was good before’…” “Even though she was glorious in the past, it all means nothing because of the way she is now.” Exactly because Ayu was shining brightly a long time ago, women on the net express their strict opinions.

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Basically, Dimension Point is Amuro’s private label.