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Women veterans say it's the latest manifestation of a culture of toxic masculinity, where women are objectified, harassed, or even assaulted by their male colleagues — and now, there are the online posts to prove it. Facebook suspended the group, but by January it was back in force."I do not know why no one took a stand before this.

Secret message boards, shared folders, and Facebook rooms created for allegedly illegally obtained photos most recently shot into the news after a journalist and Marine veteran published an investigation on Saturday about Marines United — a 30,000-member Facebook group where Marines passed around hundreds of photos alongside degrading commentary about their sisters-in-arms. Marines United was allowed to exist because of the cowardice of the Marines involved," Albert wrote on his Facebook page on Thursday.

“This is about the Marines deliberately trying to degrade, humiliate, and threaten fellow Marines.” Speier said military leaders should drum bad Marines out of the corps.

That can only happen if online activities are treated as the crimes they are, Thomas said.“I think organizationally, services will have to commit some resources to looking at social media,” she said.

Speier had in 2013 raised concerns about inappropriate posts about women in another Marine Facebook group.

Matters have only gotten worse, she said, a sign of a cultural and leadership problem.“This is not about sex, or fun, or boys will be boys,” Speier said.

The Anon-IB page — first reported Thursday by Business Insider — widens the scope of a developing scandal in the military where a subculture of service members apparently shared nude photos of their female colleagues without their permission or knowledge. And you do yours."When asked about the developing scandal in other branches of the military, Neller said, "All the service chiefs and the chairman [of the Joint Chiefs of Staff], they all know what's going on." A Marine veteran, John Albert, said he first reported the Marines United group to Facebook in September when he saw the majority of posts were revenge porn, comments about rape, or photos of women taken without their knowledge.Kate Thomas, a board member with Service Women’s Action Network and a Marine Corps veteran, told Buzz Feed News that she had experienced sexual harassment and seen inappropriate Facebook groups before, but she did not expect to see stalking and revenge porn — blatant criminal acts.“I’m an optimist at heart and I want to believe that this was a minority of Marines and we don’t have these pervasive cultural problems,” she said.“Thirty thousand is a really large number, and I think that really pokes some holes in the hope I had.”During her service in Iraq, Thomas said she would carry a can of black spray paint to cross out crude comments about her written on the walls of portable restrooms.“The Marine Corps does not want this press coverage.They don’t want every woman considering joining the branch to read this.

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Our country is only as safe as our military is effective."On Wednesday, Rep.

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