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Nude picture exchange chatroom

According to journalist Ben Grubb, an unnamed hacker has revealed how to log in as another user on the Grindr app (or, indeed, its less famous straight equivalent – Blendr) without permission, impersonate them, send chat and photo messages, and view passwords.

As the photos and communications that can be exchanged can be of a – how shall I put this?

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At least that’s the claim being made in The Sydney Morning Herald today.

Before you know it, you’re flirting with a complete stranger and they’re sharing their precise location with your smartphone. If you think that would be a niche interest, then sit down as I tell you that Grindr claims to have over three million users.

Yup, these days the internet is all about location, location, location.

Although Grindr’s Twitter feed has acknowledged the security vulnerability, I couldn’t find any information on their official website.

However, the Sydney Morning Herald strongly suggests that the problem may lie in Grindr’s underlying systems relying upon an id code to access its database, rather than a better form of authentication such as a username and password.

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