One day trial sex in web

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One day trial sex in web

By her senior year, though, she commanded the entire unit and hoped to one day become a military attorney.

The annual croquet match between the academy and St.

He met two agents in a building just off campus, where one presented him with a sheet of paper.

His eyes fixed on a single word: “Rape.” Thompson had been at the academy for two years, teaching naval history courses to dozens of young midshipmen in pressed blue uniforms.

The 21-year-old later testified that she was too drunk to give him consent and remembered the encounter only in snapshots.

(The Post generally doesn’t identify victims of alleged sex crimes; Stadler, who never accused Thompson of assault, agreed to let me use her name.) Kelley took her that same day to an academy staff member trained to help victims of sex crimes.

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Even with the board’s decision, he explained, the convictions were unlikely to be overturned because his lone opportunity for exoneration was through a military appellate system that critics have long branded as tough for defendants.

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