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I don’t mean those men any disrespect, I just want to date a guy closer to my age so that I have a longer future with him, and I don’t feel that I should have to apologize for that.

I have taken your and others’ advice about profile writing, and I have great photos, so I feel confident that the problem is not in how I present myself. It always comes out eventually and I’d hate to have to explain myself then.

Worse, they’re hypocritical about it, because they don’t understand why the vast majority of younger women won’t go for them.

And the real-world opportunities can be few and far between. I can’t disagree with anything you’ve observed about online dating and age. So here are the facts: Older men have more options than older women (online and in real life) because they can usually date somewhat younger. I’ve noticed after my last birthday (I turned 54 in June) that the response I get on has dropped to almost nothing.It’s as though moving from the early 50s to the mid 50s is some kind of death-knell for a dating life.Older men have a huge blind spot when it comes to age.They refuse to even consider women their own age, even if she’s fit and attractive.

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I agree with everything Evan says and based on your advice Evan Ive tweaked my profile with your suggestions e.g. Most importantly I agree your photos have to be great.

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