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Magic Follows (£15.99, O-Books), has instilled a spiritual empathy in her daughter which she relies on in times of stress and conflict.‘There are certainly techniques I implement when I feel under fire,’ says Naomie.I go straight there from the airport, but my dream is to have my own tank at home. ’ Carmen’s tried it too but can’t attest to its success in quite the same way. ‘She was screaming, “I don’t like it, I don’t like it,” but half an hour later people had to bang on the door because she’d fallen asleep! ’ Carmen and Naomie often come as a pair and live on the same street. ‘There’s not much I wouldn’t pass by mum first – and I have a lot to be thankful to her for.’ Naomie’s father left the family home before she was born, so it was down to Carmen to raise her daughter alone.Times were tough, but so was Carmen, and being surrounded by strong, powerful women in the family, brought out the very best in Naomie.

It’s been the best thing; it centres me and brings me back into the here and now.But that only seems to apply to her personal life because when it comes down to business, she admits she’s like a dog with a bone.‘Dawn French said to me at the beginning of my career, “Make sure you develop and maintain a thick skin” and it’s the single most important piece of advice I’ve ever been given.Her latest project, Moonlight, is a powerful film about a young boy’s coming of age.She plays his crack-addict mother in a gripping performance she had to dig deep for.

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At the end of the day, it’s my career, and I need to look after it.’ And it’s a tactic that seems be working, as Naomie has gone from one box office success to another.